The industry’s leading premium rebalancing application

Efficient portfolio management begins with disciplined and flexible portfolio construction. Whether you’re using a passive or active management strategy, Advisor Rebalancing dramatically abbreviates the trading process while adhering to your investment strategies, custom account settings, restrictions, and tax sensitivity.

Advisor Rebalancing delivers much more than portfolio rebalancing. Automate your model portfolio construction and management, monitor your accounts for trading triggers, make tactical trades, execute your trades directly with your broker, and reconcile trades from the previous day with the click of a button.
Some top features of Advisor Rebalancing include:
  • Model portfolio construction

    Extensive modeling capabilities enable efficient management across thousands of investors that have different goals, risk tolerances, and investment objectives.
  • Daily portfolio monitoring

    Instantly look across all accounts and households for any custom criteria such as accounts that have drifted outside their target allocation, accounts that are holding too little cash, and accounts that are holding unrealized gains and losses.
  • Rebalancing

    Rebalance thousands of accounts and households in minutes. Take advantage of an “always on” rebalancing method and rebalance accounts as they meet your requirements.
  • Cash management

    Extensive cash management functionality and cash reserve tolerance bands make it easy to maintain proper cash reserves for each client’s unique needs while adhering to the model, account restrictions, and tax sensitivity.
  • Trading notes

    Recommended trade reports provide detailed breakouts of underlying accounts and reasons for trades. Trade recommendations are easy to edit, and you can add new trades or place trades on hold for later execution. All trades are saved for audit purposes.
  • Tax management and tax loss harvesting

    Automate different loss harvesting strategies at the individual security level or across the entire account. Reinvestment of cash generated from harvesting activities is also automated so that the account can stay fully invested while taking the benefits of the tax loss opportunity.
  • Real-time pricing

    Calculate trades with real-time pricing for U.S. equities and ETFs listed on U.S. stock exchanges, including NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE Alternext, and over-the-counter exchanges.
  • Trade reconciliation

    Automate the review process of logged trades against executed trades from your custodian with the click of a button, fulfilling your SEC mandated obligation.
  • Straight-through processing

    Execute equity and ETF trades directly from Advisor Rebalancing using FIX connectivity. Streamline your trading workflows by routing and tracking trades from creation through settlement.
  • Integrated and accessible

    Gain efficiency with Advisor Xi integration. Advisor Rebalancing is available directly from Advisor CRM at the account or household level. Rebalance accounts, set up cash reserves, view account settings, and more directly within Advisor CRM.
Monitor thousands of accounts for trading triggers
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Personal Demo
Average length: 1 hour
Join a Tamarac representative for a one-on-one tour of Advisor Rebalancing.

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We rebalanced 230 households with over 750 accounts and reviewed and executed all 4,500 trades in four hours. Tamarac is one of my greatest technology decisions.
Glenn Meyer, CPA/PFS, CFP, ChFC, CLU
GDM Advisory Group, Ltd.