Portfolio management and performance reporting

Today, advisors want a complete picture of their entire book of business. The powerful reporting capabilities of Advisor View shows the full view of your assets under management, so you can make the most informed decisions and meet the individual needs of each client.

Advisor View delivers powerful portfolio analysis, flexible reporting, and extensive billing capabilities. Advisor View produces professional client-facing PDF reports that you can customize at any time and share with your clients via the included client portal.
Individualized performance reports
No two investors are exactly alike. Advisor View helps you paint a complete financial picture for each of your clients and deliver it in a way that’s easy to understand. The report designer puts you in control with a wide range of customization possibilities. Choose from the extensive library of included report templates and designs, select your report data, and add your own custom cover and header/footer graphics to support your firm’s brand. Insert custom letters and other content that can be specific to each client using the included document assembly feature. Run PDF reports at any time and deliver them securely to your clients for printing or online viewing using the integrated client portal.
Empower your staff
Whatever your goals, Advisor View provides powerful insights into your client portfolios. Each team member can define a custom reporting dashboard and view dynamic reports by advisor, household, firm, or any custom grouping to best support how you service your clients. Easily edit and run dynamic reports and drill down to actionable account details. Advisor View calculates daily intervals, giving you the flexibility to view information for any date range.
Detailed reports drill down to security level performance and calculate daily intervals
Clear and timely communications
Communication is essential in all aspects of your business. With Advisor View, you can manage your client communications and document exchange with the integrated online client portal. Post documents and messages to your clients and give them a platform for corresponding and sending documents back to you – all in a secure platform that maintains a historical record.

Brand the client portal with your company logo and give clients secure access from your website, specifying how each client’s portfolio dashboard is presented and the reports and information each client can access. Use the single sign on functionality to integrate the client portal with your existing website so that when your client signs into your website, he or she will be authenticated in Advisor View as well.
Integrated and accessible
Take advantage of the time savings that deep integration delivers. The Advisor View reporting functionality is accessible directly from within Advisor CRM – contextually supporting the account and household levels. Leverage the powerful automated workflow capabilities of Advisor CRM to streamline the production of reports for your period-end reporting cycle.

Advisor View also integrates with a growing list of custodial platforms, such as Schwab Intelligent Integration®, Pershing NetX 360®, and TD Ameritrade Veo® for real-time access to custodial data. As part of our custodian agnostic solution, Advisor View reports on accounts from most any custodian.
Powerful composite reporting
Today, more and more investors are asking for transparency into performance reporting. That’s why many firms are making their reporting practices compliant with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). With Advisor View, you can create composites that follow GIPS standards. Create complex searches using integrated data from Advisor View and Advisor Rebalancing to identify accounts to automatically add to a composite. Manually include or exclude accounts from a composite. Quickly and easily import your existing historical times series data that ties seamlessly with returns calculated by Advisor View.
Detailed reports drill down to security level performance and calculate daily intervals
Analyze risk
From risk analysis to portfolio analysis, Advisor View has you covered. Chart risk-adjusted comparisons to benchmarks and indexes for your client portfolios. Customize reports with relative statistics and portfolio metrics to better manage risk-adjusted returns. Report options include standard deviation, Sharpe ratio, alpha, beta, upside/downside capture, information ratio, and more.
Monitor alternative investments
In today’s volatile market, investors are more heavily exploring alternative investments such as private equity, limited partnerships, and real estate. As an advisor, it’s important to track and accurately report this information to your clients so that they can properly view all their investments in a consolidated report. You can create, maintain, and track alternative investments as IRR or TWR directly within Advisor View. Flag alternative investments as having committed capital structure and monitor call dates, call amounts, funding accounts, and the vintage year of the investment – and Advisor View will alert you to any upcoming capital call dates.
Automate complex billing scenarios
Advisor View streamlines your billing process and delivers an array of customizable billing options, so you can bill clients based on their preferences.
  • Average daily balance billing

    Instead of using the beginning or ending market value of a security to determine the rate schedule to apply, Advisor View can use the average daily value of the portfolio to determine the appropriate fee.
  • Unlimited rate tiers

    Create an unlimited number of rate tiers. Fees can be based on the value of the total portfolio, asset classes, sectors, subsectors, or security types.
  • On-demand billing

    Run billing statements during the billing cycle to recognize fees for new accounts, closed accounts, or projected revenue.
  • Multi-level control

    Apply discounts at the account, billing definition, or billing group level.
  • Online billing statements

    Quickly post personalized billing statements to the client portal for online viewing.
  • Reconciliation

    Manually or automatically reconcile payments for your services. You can mark payments as unpaid, paid, or partially paid and run reconciliation reports to track your outstanding fees.
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With Advisor View, my firm is almost completely paperless. We send invoices, monthly and quarterly reports, and market updates to the customer portal with the click of a button. It has been a total game changer.
Tom Paulus, President
Weathervane Wealth Management