Your New Client Portal Mobile App
The most engaging way to interact with your clients
Tamarac is launching new mobile apps, supporting iPhone and Android devices, as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the most engaging experience for your investor clients. Due out later in 2017, the new apps will include:

Client Portal Mobile App
Learn more about our new client portal mobile app

Personal Financial Wellness Tools – Coming Soon!
Our new client apps will soon receive budgeting tools that will use transaction data to automatically display budget categories for your clients and suggest budget amounts based on their historical transaction data. These new capabilities will automatically tracks your client’s spending by category and sends notifications to help them stay on target.

Streamline budgeting for your clients and gain insights into their spending behavior. By pairing budget planning with timely notifications and your expert advice, your firm can use this powerful tool to increase client engagement and overall satisfaction.

Key Benefits:
  • Behavioral design guides users through creating a budget.
  • Displays high level categories for income, spending, and bills.
  • Pulls in historical data to educate users on what they are spending and saving in each category.
  • View of flexible spending indicates where user is tracking against a goal.
  • Notifications tell users when they are near a budget or over it.
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