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Data Aggregation

A Complete Financial Picture in a Single Location

Add Held-Away Account information to your Client Portal
Provide your clients with a complete picture of their finances, including all their assets, liabilities, 401k and other held away accounts in a single location, and leverage that information to deliver the holistic financial advice they need to achieve their goals.

Thanks to Tamarac’s integration with Envestnet | Yodlee, you can now provide balance-only data aggregation to your clients using our portal. Your clients can easily add and view data for external financial accounts such as credit cards, investments, loans, and mortgages in their portal – including the ability to input non-digital assets, such as works of art or collectables.

You and your clients can assign primary ownership to accounts, assets, and liabilities in Tamarac Reporting and the client portal, and then choose to view their net worth in the Net Worth report either over time or by owner. Besides being able to view the Net Worth report in the client portal, clients can also see their net worth data in a tile on their custom portal dashboard.

Data Aggregation

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Yodlee aggregates and analyzes financial data using direct feeds to more than 15,500 sources, including financial institutions, billers, and reward networks.
Make your portal the single online destination for your clients to access a complete picture of their finances.
Deliver broader, more sophisticated financial advice based on all your client’s assets and liabilities.
Provide your clients with an easy way to link held-away accounts and a rewarding Net Worth report to view their current financial health.
Automatically alert clients of any issues with their credentials for account access and provide them with a clear path to quickly resolve it.
Input real estate easily by simply adding an address, and our system will look up the current value.
See historical values for external accounts that are tracked over time in our Net Worth report.
If you’d like to take advantage of the Envestnet | Yodlee outside account aggregation integration features, email to learn about the associated cost.


Transactions and holdings information from Envestnet | Yodlee!
We’re working closely with our counterparts at Yodlee to further integrate their technology and offer reconciled transactions and holding information that will be brought into Tamarac Reporting. We will post more information regarding when this new capability will be available when we are closer. Check back!
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