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Envestnet's Data Promise

Envestnet adopts a best interest standard of care with respect to our fiduciary clients and their data

Investment advisors act as fiduciaries, operating in good faith and with integrity to achieve results that are in the best interest of their clients. We use these same principles as our guide for safeguarding the financial data fueling our wealth management platform and data analytics.

When an investor engages with an advisor, the investor permissions the advisor and the supporting institution(s) to see their data as it pertains to the fiduciary’s providing unified financial advice; client-specific data is not shared with any other parties. This aggregated data empowers advisors to provide a higher level of service and help their clients achieve financial wellness.

Envestnet safeguards Personal Information

Investor clients can be assured that identifying information is only provided directly to their advisory firm and supporting institution(s) in order to leverage wealth management technology to provide unified advice and related services; Personal Information is not shared with any other parties.

Envestnet is not a Personal Information broker and does not sell information that identifies investor clients.

In providing data analytics, Envestnet uses aggregated, unidentifiable, statistical data points from a broad base of accounts to present trend analysis to its users. As an interactive advisor platform, Envestnet makes advisor information available to asset managers and fund companies when a financial advisor selects a fund or strategy.

Envestnet is a Data Steward

Envestnet is a conduit for consumer-permissioned data for use within our WealthTech platform. Our data management best practices include implementing continuously monitored systems and processes, and extensive use of transmission encryption. We monitor our wealth management platform via ongoing risk-based compliance measures that can quickly identify and remediate any compliance issues or potential failures.

When fiduciaries are not involved, we remain a data steward with respect to our data analytics offerings by utilizing de-identified consumer information and employ proprietary and third-party technical systems that monitor and remove all known identifiers from data elements that are collected.

Envestnet employs leading risk management and security measures

We safeguard our advisor clients’ information by following established security procedures. We have implemented physical and electronic safeguards to help protect private information from being intercepted over the Internet. We make extensive use of transmission encryption, firewall barriers, and authentication procedures to maintain the security of our clients’ online sessions and to protect Envestnet accounts and systems from unauthorized access.

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