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Integrated Financial Planning with MoneyGuidePro

Add the power of goals-based planning to your client portal and client discussions
At Tamarac, we recognize the growing importance of having goal-based planning discussions with your investor clients, as well as providing them with a single place to see a complete picture of their wealth and engage with your firm.

For RIAs using MoneyGuidePro, we offer a meaningful two-way integration that sends household information from Tamarac into MoneyGuidePro, and brings back goals-based reporting and financial planning data into our portfolio management application, Advisor View, and client portal.

MoneyGuidePro Integration

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Easily send household information, such; as primary advisor, client data, and financial account holdings, from Advisor View, as well as assets, liabilities and insurance policies from Advisor CRM, into MoneyGuidePro with the click of a button.
Seamlessly import financial planning data from MoneyGuidePro into Advisor View and our client portal.
Add a goal-based reporting tile to your clients’ portal dashboard to keep their financial target top of mind.
Monitor your clients’ current and recommended probability of success, as well as last import date from MoneyGuidePro, within the household information in Advisor View.
Move your client discussions away from performance and keep them focused on what’s important, achieving their financial goals.

For more information on Tamarac’s comprehensive portfolio and client management platform, and how we integrate with MoneyGuidePro, contact us!
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