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Tamarac University

Your team is your most valuable asset. By investing in training your staff on Tamarac products, you can maximize the value of your Tamarac technology investment, mitigate risk of potential errors, and reach new levels of productivity.
In-person consulting Work alongside your consultant to tailor Tamarac to the unique needs of your business
Socializing Learn from the interactions you have with other advisors going through the same process
Online Training Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use the Tamarac Platform through our self-paced, interactive online training

About Tamarac University

When it comes to training, we don’t believe it’s enough for our customers to simply know how to use our software. We understand the degree of change management that occurs when implementing new technology and that with it comes opportunities to follow the best practices of those who have gone before you. Whether it’s increasing productivity, creating automated workflows, or designing a complex PDF template, we want the process to be rewarding and a meaningful end result.

Our implementation process starts the moment you partner with Tamarac and begin down our technology-driven, self-paced training path. Our interactive courses lead you systematically through the Tamarac platform, from running billing workflows to setting up new accounts and securities. Each lesson includes online quizzes, video tutorials, and interactive activities that can be tailored to each role in your firm. Once your implementation begins, your dedicated implementation consultant will be standing by to guide you through the training and answer your questions. After you’ve completed the self-paced training, you’ll begin our proven consulting process and work with your dedicated implementation consultant to tailor the platform to your business.
Tamarac Trading You'll get the skills to create basic and advanced models, rebalance your accounts and households in minutes, execute directed trades, and more
Tamarac Reporting You'll learn how to build performance reports, customize your dashboards, configure your client portal, and more
Tamarac CRM You'll learn how to improve your overall customer experience, boost sales, and increase the impact of your marketing activities
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Tamarac Trading
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Tamarac Reporting
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